8 writing obstacles college students face

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There are some obstacles that every college students have the face. Some are weak in understanding, some face the problem regarding the processes and some faces obstacles in writing. There are some reasons behinds which cause this problem. We will see how students face the problems in writing.

Lack of motivation.
If writing is not your things then probably you are not motivated and enthusiastic to take the project and will not able to complete it. When you are not interested in a thing every work looks like the obstacles are coming step by step, and it’s you who have to face all that but it is natural.

The Thought Process.
Sometimes it happen, only a few days left for submission and you start working at this but soon you realize that you brain is not supporting you. After this, you are not able to translate your thoughts at the paper. At this point you are blank there are not enough ideas that you can translate to a paper. If you want to make your hand straight at work then do practice.

New form of writing.
This kind of work is completely new for you if you are completely unaware of the writing skills. Sometimes a new essay which carries legal language or any terminologies can cause problems problem. Because you are not familiar with the techniques of reading or understanding of the Jorgen’s.

Criticism is not good at all, but the audience is over critical. The Number of times it leads to discouragements. Already you are not good at writing, but whatever you do write might not fit the audiences. Students will do criticism and this will dishearten you sometimes.

Tough deadlines.
Sometimes deadlines of work irritate you. If you are who are lazy then this might give you a hard times. If you are at some part time work then this may cause serious threats and finally you will get fired from the Job. At some Jobs, Deadlines must be followed like if you are a freelancer you have to do that otherwise you can’t work.

Unrelated fields.
On the other hand, if you are given a task to prepare the things that are irrelevant, or you are not familiar with the subjects then this could prove to be Stern. Every person had its own expertise in his or her own fields. The one who are working in his relevant fields.

Judgment of Peers.
Peer are the nice source of judging the things there are many things that can increase you motivation. Like if you are judged by your peer’s then means that you are at the right place. They can judge you perfectly, once you have done this you deter for the next piece of papers.

Grammatical Mistakes.
Non-native speaker sometimes falls in case of Grammatical Mistakes. They always try to make sure that some things are not missed according to grammar. For some Students writing flawless becomes a hard thing for them.
For non-native speakers writing is not an easy task, there are numerous things they have to manage describe above are some obstacles that a student can face. For international students who are studying abroad covering the writings is not an easy task.

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