Technical Education Australia (TEA) is a vision of highly motivated team of professionals who have worked in the hospitality and business industries around the world. It is a vision of those who understand the pulse of ever changing industry and it’s future requirement

Support, Assistance and services

Councilor and trained staff provide students with every kind of possible favor in their personal and academic life. So we are proud of our support and services, our staff is always available for assistance whenever you want.

English language Support

At TEA you have to improve your language skills because all the courses are foundation courses and required better understanding of every aspect. So after the assessments of our students we gave them a chance to learn English in ESL courses at TEA.

Equal employment opportunity.

We are an Equal Employment opportunity institute, from TEA everyone will get the equal chance to work and learn all the things equally without the discrimination of gender.

Student skills improvement

We always eager to improve the student’s skills in all the necessary aspects of their life, either it is of interest to study or not. Some of the key skills that we try to improve are the presentation skills, language skills, and other relevant things.

Student health

Being healthy is skills that you need to maintain whole student life. TEA will provide you essentials need to maintain your health at campus. We always care for your student health cover, especially when you are an overseas student.

Student advisory services

Student will be advise in placements, college and accommodation needs, TEA will help you in finding the best available solutions for you

International Students Support

Sometimes it’s hard to manage when you are a new as well as oversea student, and when you are new in Australia, our support desk for international students will guide them to spend all the aspects of their life.

Student carrier and Employment

We always advise our students with courses of their interest. We also guides in finding the best pathways that are available to international students.

IT Support At TEA

you will find yourself in state of the art IT support; you can Avila the services of fast technology, including the labs, broadband Internet, and online resources for education.

Learning management systems

Students always participate in blended learning session, face to face discussions, further assessments; you can find all the resources available on Internet