Technical Education Australia (TEA) is a vision of highly motivated team of professionals who have worked and/or operated businesses in the education, hospitality, development, transport, and food trade fields. 

Support, Assistance and services

Councilor and trained staff provide students with every kind of possible support in their personal and academic life. TEA operations are student focused and its staff is always available for assistance whenever required. Support is available in form of mentoring, use or handling of study related facilities, emotional or financial distress, etc. Students are therefore encouraged to not to hesitate in sharing their concerns or of their needs with the designated staff at TEA.

English language Support

At TEA you may be required to improve your language skills, if at the time of enrollment it is assessed that the required English skills are lacking in reading, writing oral or communication. This assessment is conducted prior to the commencement of the principal course of study to ensure students have the desired level of English competency to complete the course successfully.

Equal employment opportunity.

We are an Equal Employment opportunity institute, from TEA everyone will get the equal chance to work and learn all the things equally without the discrimination of gender, ethnicity or age (minimum age level to work, however remains 18 years).

Student skills improvement

At TEA along with the knowledge, relevant industry skills are also developed under the watchful eyes of their instructors. Skills development is focused to ensure improved employability skills of the learners and to ensure they are ready to join workforce as efficient workers. The training is imparted using industry standard tools and equipment. Along with the hard skills, soft skills are also focused upon at TEA. Within soft skills, areas of focus is to improve include the presentation skills, language skills, body language, time management including punctuality, and other relevant things.

Student health

It is important that learners are both physically and emotionally healthy. You can't do a good job in studies, if you don't feel well. Being healthy makes you feel good and allows you to perform more effectively. TEA has designed its training and assessment strategies that keeps the balance between structured and flexible learning. It also provide two weeks term break after every 10 weeks of study to maintain balance between the study and non-academic life activities. 

Students, especially international students, are expected to keep health insurance to avoid any eventuality that may bring them under any financial burden due to health related issues. TEA is in a process to include some sports activities for students to keep them engaged in healthy activities.

Student advisory services

Student will be advised and provided guidance in work placements (if applicable), college and accommodation needs. TEA will help you in finding the best available solutions for you under given circumstances.

International Students Support

Sometimes it’s hard to manage when you are a new to an environment as well as an oversea student, and when you are new in Australia. TEA staff is always happy to respond to students' enquiries related to their study or accommodation issues.  

Student carrier and Employment

TEA staff is happy to advise students with courses of their interest in particular and career counselling in general. The staff also guides in finding the best pathways that are available to local or international students.

IT Support At TEA

TEA endeavors to remain abreast of technology currency. It uses Moodle for Student Management System (SMS) and its own in-house developed software to keep operations automated and documented. SMS allows student to access their learning resources, assessment and all other study related information. Students can make special requests on-line.
The IT staff is always eager to extend support to TEA learners/students in understanding SMS software installed at TEA. Students/learners can avail the services to learn and make use of any technological based services provided at TEA; all they have to do is to ASK FOR IT!