Certificate II in EAL


Certificate II in EAL (English as an additional language): This elementary level English language course is designed to enhance the reading, writing and speaking skills of the learners. The purpose of the course is to build the core knowledge of the language and basic skills through provision of resources and engaging activities. The activities focus on repetitive speaking, listening and writing opportunities on various topics as confidence building measure.

Individuals through this course will be equipped with reasonable amount of knowledge and skills in English language, which will help them communicate with others effectively. They will learn how to initiate and participate in conversations, expresses themselves in simple English verbally or through simple transactional texts, read and write informational texts and to produce simple documents.

Target group:

The course is designed for individuals seeking to either improve or learn the basics of English language skills. Immigrants new to the country and struggling with English communication, can benefit the most out of the course. Indigenous Australians or well settled immigrants from different ethnic and non-English speaking background who want to study English as the second language will also find this course extremely beneficial. Basically this course is targeted towards empowering the non-English speaking individuals of the community to be self-reliant in representing themselves in English, be it a day to day activity like shopping or paying bills or communicating for self-benefit such as with the medical doctors or government organizations.

Program Objective:

The main purpose of the course is to develop the basic understanding of the English language and to enable individuals to communicate effectively. The course also subtly makes the learners get familiar with some of the common Australian norms and systems (medicare, metlink, etc.). It is one of the goal of the course to help the learners to feel part of the local community.

The course enhance everyday communication skills by providing relevant information and vocational trainings for basic conversations, basic reading and writing techniques. To provide digital literacy is also another objective of this course. Furthermore, the course is designed in such a way that it provides a pathway for further English Courses in Melbourne or elsewhere within Australia.

Course outcome:

After completing the course, the individuals will be equipped with basic skills to communicate verbally express themselves through writing simple texts; and reading to remain aware of the ‘current affairs’ affecting them directly. Once they have attained the certificate II in EAL, they may further apply for certificate III and IV in EAL to improve their language.

Course structure and duration:

The course spans over 10 weeks and costs $AU 1500. It is divided into one core and elective units divided into speaking and listening, reading and writing and language skills. Other than that, there are 3 more elective courses that students can choose from.

Course Structure
Unit Code Title Core/ Elective
VU21297 Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio with guidance  
Speaking and Listening 
VU21456   Participate in simple conversations and transactions  
Reading and Writing
VU21458   Read and write simple personal communications and transactional texts  
Language Skills 
 VU21457 Give and respond to simple verbal information and directions  
VU21459   Read and write simple instructional and informational texts  
General Electives 
VU21462   Explore community options
VU21463 Explore transport options E
BSBITU201 Produce simple word processed documents E
Course Title Course Duration Tuition Fee
Certificate II in EAL 10 weeks $ AU 1,500


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