Certificate III in EAL (Further Study) - 2255VIC


This course in a step further in enriching English language skills as compared to the certificate II in EAL. It focuses on further enhancing the literacy skills of the students who have either completed Certificate II in EAL or have the basic knowledge of the English language. Through this course students will get a relatively advanced understanding of the English language and will learn skills by getting engaged in practical activities developing further their speaking, writing and listening skills.

They will also become more aware of the Australian society and will become acquainted with different educational pathways to choose from for their own benefits. One of the aim of the course is to improve communication skills of the students to help them become competent enough to seek/apply for jobs and/or choose an educational path for themselves. Through this course students will learn how to develop and document learning portfolio, read and write text for research, to effectively implement writing and reading strategies, listening and taking notes, participate in a range of conversations and to analyze written text.

Target group:

This course is targeted towards non English speaking community who have the basic knowledge of the language but still struggle with it and need to improve further. Immigrants who have recently moved to the country can benefit a lot from this course as they will not only improve their language for everyday communication but will also learn more about the Australian society and become aware of the educational system here. The course is ideally suited for Individuals who have completed a Basic English language course and can communicate with regular people but wish to learn more in order to choose an educational path.

Entry requirements:

There are no entry requirements for this course; anyone interested to learn English language can apply for it. However, it is advised that individuals applying for this course should have a basic understanding of the English language and Australian Society.

Course outcomes:

After obtaining this certificate individuals may choose an educational path for them as they will become competent enough to apply in different institutes. They may apply for certificate IV in EAL and other English courses in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia.

Course structure:

The course spans over 15 weeks and costs $AU 2,200. It consists of following core and elective units:

Unit Code Title Core/ Elective
VU21323 Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio C
VU21499 Give straightforward oral presentations for further study C
VU21500 Participate in a range of straightforward interactions for further study C
VU21501 Read and write straightforward texts for research purposes C
VU21502 Analyse and produce straightforward texts relevant to further study C
VU21503 Listen and take notes for research C
VU21504 Use language learning strategies and study skills E
VU21472 Investigate features of the education system in Australia E
VU21470 Investigate issues in the Australian environment E
Course Title Course Duration Tuition Fee
Certificate III in EAL 15 weeks $ AU 2,250


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