Hospitality Management Institute of Australia

Hospitality is a diverse and vibrant industry that have employment vacancies across Australia and other parts of the world. There are hotels, motels, food chains, cafes, resorts, tourism, bars and many other places that demand this hospitality Education.

By developing your skills and knowledge from Hospitality Management Institute of Australia (HMIA) you can present yourself as an efficient prospective hospitality worker in this industry. The career opportunities are many, and based on your knowledge and skill gained at HMIA, along with the qualification achieved, you can potentially be among those who would easily grab one of those presented employment opportunities.
HMIA recruits highly skilled, experienced and qualified trainers who are eager to pass on their knowledge, skill and wisdom onwards to their students/learners.

Hospitality Programs
Hospitality is one of the most growing fields of management around the world and especially in Australia. The trend of students coming to Australia, especially in Melbourne, for hospitality is on the rise since recently Melbourne hospitality professionals won the world's best coffee maker and Pizza making awards. Melbourne is also known for its hospitality and has been consistently rated many times, including 2017, as the most livable city in the world.


Graduate with quality Australian hospitality and management qualification are in demand all over the world. We encourage you to apply to HMIA for your hospitality courses, learn the skills, and acquire the knowledge from the experiences and wisdom of your trainers to make a difference in the hospitality world! At HMIA, the hospitality courses are designed to cater the need of various student cohorts who are either experienced (three years or more), semi experienced (from one year to 3 years) and with no significant prior experience or knowledge of the hospitality industry. The learners would be assessed at the time of enrollment to mutually agree (both trainer and the learner) in which version of the program they should be enrolled. The programs offered are as follow:

  1. SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management – two versions:      
    1. 92 weeks (no significant experience), and
    2. 50 weeks (experienced);
  2. SIT60316 Advance Diploma of Hospitality Management – three versions:
    1. 110 weeks (no significant experience),
    2. 70 weeks (semi experienced), and
    3. 50 weeks (experienced).