Policies and Procedures

Deferment, Suspension or cancellation Policy

Students will be informed prior to enrolment of the grounds on which their enrolment may be or can be deferred, suspended or cancelled through the Student Handbook (international students), course enrolment literature, referral to the Institute’s website www.hmia.edu.au and student induction. Students will be informed 20 working days prior to the deferment/suspension or cancellation of the CoE in case it is initiated by TEA. In case deferment/suspension/cancellation is initiated on behalf of student, the process shall be completed within 20 working days from the date of the request by thhe student (Incorporating National Code Part D, Standard 13 (key requirement#3).


  • International students will be informed that deferment, suspension or cancellation of their enrolment may affect their student visa. They will be referred to the DIBP website https://www.border.gov.au/ and/or the DIBP Helpline (131 881) for more information. The Institute will notify the Secretary of DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, via PRISMS as required under section 19 of the ESOS Act where a student’s enrolment is deferred, suspended or cancelled in accordance with this policy.
  •  Students wishing to defer the commencement of studies, temporarily suspend or cancel their studies must apply to do so in writing to the Institute. Students should use the Student Request - Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation Form.  This form is available for collection from the reception area at Suite 40, Level I, Metro West plaza, 27 Albert Street, Footscray, VIC 3011 premises of the Institute and on the website. Students may either submit by hand, email, fax or, if necessary, telephone the Institute and advice of their intention to defer, suspend or cancel their studies.
  •  Copies of all documentary evidence will be placed in the student’s file.

 International Student Initiated Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation

  •  Students may apply for deferment, suspension or cancellation of their studies if they have good reason or doing so. For example:
    • Compassionate or compelling circumstances

 Without attempting to define the term compassionate or compelling circumstances, the Institute will consider whether the student’s application is the result of circumstances beyond the control of the student. For example:

  • Where the international student’s visa has not been issued
  • Illness, injury, or a trauma that impacts on the student
  • Serious illness or death in the family
  • Where the Institute is unable to offer a pre-requisite unit


  • The student completes a Student Request - Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation of Enrollment form and must provide documentary evidence of the circumstances upon which they are relying, such as a medical certificate, which will be placed in the student’s file.
  • The Training Manager or Student Welfare Officer will review the request.  The Institute may choose to grant or decline any student’s request, in accordance with this policy and the circumstances outlined above.
  • The student will be advised of the outcome and if they are not happy with the decision, will have the right to appeal within twenty (20) working days of the date of receiving this advice from the Institute.
  •  Retrospective student initiated deferral of commencement or suspension of enrolment can only be granted in the case of a medical emergency, accident or injury and must be supported by a medical certificate.
  • If an international student advises the Institute that they no longer wish to remain enrolled in the Course, the Institute will advise the Secretary of DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, via PRISMS, and the CoE will be cancelled. There is no requirement to send a Notice of Intention to Report Letter and observe the associated appeals process, or to notify the student of our intention to cancel their studies as this action is not against the student’s will.


Provider Initiated Suspension/Cancellation

  •  In the first instance, the Institute will take all reasonable steps to resolve any disciplinary matters through their Intervention Strategy (Steps 1 – 3).
  •  The Institute may choose to suspend or cancel a student’s enrolment if it deems the student’s behaviour to be unacceptable.  For example:     
    • Where a student has failed to register for a compulsory study period.
    • Where a student has failed to attend classes for ten (10) consecutive training days without prior approval, or without a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
    • Where a student deliberately under-enrols without the Institute’s approval.
    • Where a student has been found to be cheating, plagiarising or otherwise in breach of the Academic Misconduct Policy as set out in the Policies and Procedures Manual.
    • Where fees in excess of $500 are due and payable by a student for more than seven (7) days.
    • Swearing, fighting, aggressive behaviour, abusive language, whether to other students, staff members, or any other person at the Institute’s premises.
    • Conduct that is discriminatory and/or threatening on the basis of religion, culture, race, sexual differences, age, disability, or socio-economic status, whether to other students, staff members, or any other person at the Institute’s premises
    • Where a student has breached the student Code of Behaviour.
    • Where a student (domestic) has failed to maintain satisfactory course progress for two (2) consecutive study periods.  Note: International Students refer to Course Progress Policy.

 Appeals Process

  •  Should the Institute initiate the suspension or cancellation of a student’s enrolment, we will notify the student in writing with an Intent to Suspend / Cancel warning letter and allow the student      twenty   (20) working days from expected receipt of notification, to access the Institute’s internal             appeals process, unless extenuating circumstances relating to the welfare of the student apply.  Any claim of extenuating circumstances will need to be supported by appropriate evidence.  Extenuating circumstances may include the student:
    • Is missing.
    • Has medical concerns, severe depression or psychological issues which lead the provider to fear for the student’s wellbeing.
    • Has engaged or threatens to engage in behaviour that is reasonably believed to endanger the student or others.
    • Is at risk of committing a criminal offence.       
  • Extenuating circumstances will not include any misbehaviour that leads to a criminal conviction.  In this case the student’s enrolment will be cancelled immediately and, if an international student, they will be reported to DIBP.
  • As per the Institute’s Appeals Policy, the student may choose to access an external formal appeals process following the internal appeals process.

 International Students:

  • The Institute will not notify DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION of a change to the enrolment status of an international student until the internal appeals process is completed.  Where the student’s appeal is successful, the Institute will not report the student.
  • If the student has not accessed or withdraws from the appeals process the Institute will still wait the full twenty (20) days before reporting the international student’s enrolment is suspended or cancelled to DIBP.
  • As per the Institute’s Appeals Policy, the student may choose to access an external formal appeals process following an internal appeals process; however the Institute will not postpone notifying    DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION of the change to the student’s enrolment status under this Policy because of this.         
  •  Once the Institute notifies DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION of the cancellation of a student’s enrolment, the student has 28 days to find alternative enrolment, to access an external appeals process or to return to their home country (refer http://www.border.gov.au/ for further details).


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