Why choose TEA?

TEA provides a learning environment covering all the factors that would leads to a potential successful path for its learners. TEA is committed towards the education excellence, and capacity development that leads towards corporal, socio-emotional, and mental growth of every student.


TEA has invested strategically in its resources and facilities to meet competency requirements of its students. TEA has focused on the quality aspects of its training and assessment. All of the trainers and assessors, have not only training and assessment qualifications, rather rich industry experience. The training and assessment staff also remain actively involved in enriching their skills by keeping abreast of training and assessment, as well as currency of related vocational industries to be able to deliver the highest possible quality to its learners. In short, to help students to achieve their full potential, TEA staff is:

  • Industry driven
  • Maintaining currency to remain up-to-date as per industry requirements
  • Committed towards students and learners in achieving both industry employability skills as well as social responsibility to become effective members of society


Australia is full of opportunities, and its education standards are among the best in the world. Training at TEA is focused on equipping its learners to help prepare them to garb opportunities coming in their way by acquiring effective knowledge and skills, regardless they are in Australia or anywhere else in the world in their chosen field, following their graduation. This is being achieved at TEA through:

  • Industry engagement strategies
  • Through programs, seminars, internships
  • Articulation or pathways with other institutions within Australia and overseas
  • Balance in acquiring skills and knowledge through individualized training programs


Technical Education Australia is committed to provide a friendly and effective learning experience to its students by provision of appropriate resources, support and facilities. These resources are both in the form of learning resources and/or tools and equipment for practical learning purposes. The support is provided to students who are assessed as needing special support in understanding or meeting their study and competency requirement. Tools and equipment are provided and/or made available to learners/students for learning operational skills to become competent as per industry standards. 

Note: Remember TEA is committed to build your learning (knowledge + skills) capacity. It does it endeavors to assess on its own your existing capacities, but in order to be more effective, you as learners also need to identify and/or inform TEA about your special/specific needs to help TEA to take appropriate measures to support you within its limited means