Language and Literature


Learning English at TEA is much more than repeating words or sentences in a classroom or in a given situation. Our teaching approach focuses on developing conceptions, thinking, as well as expressing opinion in English both as an individual and in group and project work.

Lessons examples are drawn from, and activities performed in real-life like experiences, that is, students do not only learn the language, they learning how to interact in everyday life.
By studying English at TEA, students gain a range of life skills they may not get otherwise. Invaluable skills like problem-solving, working in teams of people from diverse backgrounds, and applying English to real-world situations helps students draw on for the rest of their lives. With a multicultural mix of students in our educational facilities, students learn the language in a truly international environment.
Our English language teaching maintains a consistently high quality – no matter where you are from, where you intend to study (for vocational qualification) or what course you choose. At TEA you can be confident that you are getting the one of the best English education.
Students can study the following courses in English as Additional Language (EAL) at Technical education Australia: