Business College of Australia

A very warm welcome to the learners who wish to join business courses offered at the Technical Education Australia. The college believes in creative ideas and original research activities, and, therefore, guide its students to rigorous course related field research,


Hospitality Management Institute of Australia

Hospitality is a diverse and vibrant industry that have employment vacancies across Australia and other parts of the world. There are hotels, motels, food chains, cafes, resorts, tourism, bars and many other places that demand this hospitality Education.


Automotive engineering and technology

TEA welcomes you, if you have chosen this field of study for your future career!
Automotive engineering and technology is one of the most exciting professions you can choose. At TEA, you will be taught about sustainable mobility, and to working out how effectively diagnose problems with engine or mobility of light vehicle.


Children’s Services

The importance of the early year in children services cannot be overstated. The local governments in Australia understands and give high priority to this field as it is an important component of a better, healthier and a brighter future of Australia. 



(Domestic students only)

Accounting is the language of successful business, and skilled people in the field of accounting are well demanded all over the world. Successful entrepreneur depends on accounts manager for their financial position assessments, financial forecasting, and many other things as well.


Language and Literature


Learning English at TEA is much more than repeating words or sentences in a classroom or in a given situation. Our teaching approach focuses on developing conceptions, thinking, as well as expressing opinion in English both as an individual and in group and project work.