What we do (Technical Education Australia).. ?

One of the renowned college in Melbourne is Technical Education Australia, best known as the Hospitality management institute of Australia, (TEA). Offering the best Quality education and best courses according to market demands are our traditions. Located in Melbourne, TEA becomes a gateway for you feature, offering many courses for local and international students. The Expert trainers are our key, we are offering some of the best industry driven training and emphasizes on particle methods of learning. These particle learning methods are designed according to changing industry situation

Our Motive:

Technical education Australia is working on the pillars of quality and coordination among the students of other countries. There are diverse environment and diverse culture. Treating all the students equally and giving then the best opportunities to study are the purpose of TEA.

TEA is offering best local and international levels of training in different fields, some of the courses that we are offering are following
• Diploma of Business
• Advance Diploma of Business
• Diploma of Hospitality
• Advance diploma of Hospitality
• Certificate III in Hospitality
• Diploma in Automotive
• Diploma of Accounting
• Advance diploma of Accounting
• Certificate II in ESL
• Certificate IV in ESL
There are uncountable educational course that are being taught in many other institute in Australia. But as according to our target markets. There are lot of other course but our major focus on Hospitality and business courses. These are the courses that are most suitable for international course. All the course are structured and acclimated with Australian Government.
We are located in Melbourne, which is one of the best livable cities across the world, and it’s a hub for international students. With in-house learning unites, suspicious class rooms, equipped with modern technologies, like broadband internet, a structural education material. Trainers of any institute are the key players, and they bring satisfaction for students. So, TEA have recruited best trainers who have lot of experience. Therefor the staff of TEA is fully motivated and committed to help students in their academic and personal lives.
International students:
HMIA always gives warm welcome to international students, we always feel proud for delivering the best helping culture for international students. The administrative staff of TEA is fully committed towards helping the students in their personal and academic carriers. The admin of TEA understands the basic needs of international students, therefor we always assure our students not to worry about anything regarding their on campus and off campus studies.

Other than the cultural boundaries, color, place, TEA always tried to create the best and diverse environment in educations. At HMIA you can enjoy study and also you can enjoy working in diverse cultures.