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Online marketplace – transforming students into successful entrepreneurs

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The world today is evolving at a rapid pace and with each passing day we see a new technological innovation taking place around us. One such innovation is the online marketplace model that has taken both the enthusiastic buyers and aspiring entrepreneurs by storm. This online platform has transformed the whole experience of shopping for buyers, if one wants to shop they no longer have to roam in crowded bazaars or deal with a pushy salesperson in a mall, all they have to do is browse through an extensive product catalog and make a purchase after comparing various products.

Study Tips for the online students. [Infographics]


How to Get a Student Scholarship Successfully

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Sometimes, a desire to study overseas requires a lot of work as well as sometimes it leads towards the confusions. This happens when students doing everything alone. Therefore, a proper guidance is required. Studying abroad is not a piece of cake, most of the students give up their idea just thinking off the expenses that are involved. But the most common way to save bucks is Scholarships, sometimes it becomes confusing but there are some important facts that are involved to make sure that you are on the right path. But the easiest way is the Scholarships but there are some facts involves.

8 writing obstacles college students face

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There are some obstacles that every college students have the face. Some are weak in understanding, some face the problem regarding the processes and some faces obstacles in writing. There are some reasons behinds which cause this problem. We will see how students face the problems in writing.

The latest tools for student’s collaboration

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The common and the core issue in all part of the world is that how come the students will collaborate with each other in their classrooms, interpersonally and in other ways. Some of the teachers had come up with brilliant ideas of combining the desks together but what if these things can’t bring any change? Then what? This is 21th century, resources full coloration is important. Here are some of the most helpful tools that are needed to collaborate the students in Classrooms.