Online marketplace – transforming students into successful entrepreneurs

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The world today is evolving at a rapid pace and with each passing day we see a new technological innovation taking place around us. One such innovation is the online marketplace model that has taken both the enthusiastic buyers and aspiring entrepreneurs by storm. This online platform has transformed the whole experience of shopping for buyers, if one wants to shop they no longer have to roam in crowded bazaars or deal with a pushy salesperson in a mall, all they have to do is browse through an extensive product catalog and make a purchase after comparing various products.

The online marketplace has also provided immense opportunity to students and even housewives who wish to make some extra money. It provides them with a chance to develop and refine their entrepreneur skills, reduce their startup costs and expand their sales.

This model provides a one-stop solution to retailers who want to offer their products to potential buyers over the internet. This medium has proven to be highly cost effective as it ensures that the products offered by the retailer are available to a large number of buyers.

It provides an excellent opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their business, all they have to do is make their products available online through a trusted marketplace that will provide them with a customer base, efficient ways of listing products and easy payment plans.

Whenever someone has to set up a new business venture their primary concern is to target the right market and reach effectively to potential customers. By associating your business with an online marketplace you can access a wide customer base and have an unprecedented increase in sales and profits.

The online marketplace is expanding rapidly and providing a chance to individuals from diverse backgrounds to create their own business, the size of the business does not matter as long as you have something to offer to the buyer.

The internet has been flooded with success stories of students who have launched their own virtual shops on these online marketplaces from little to no startup capital and within a short span of time their businesses have started generating profits.

The most popular online marketplaces include eBay, Etsy and Amazon, this list also includes a relatively new venture by Rocket internet called Kaymu which began its operation in the year 2013 targeting 32 emerging economies. Kaymu Bangladesh is one of Kaymu’s ventures that have helped many young entrepreneurs and students in realizing their dream of setting up their own business. In a report published by Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh’s leading online newspaper, Kaymu’s presence in Bangladesh has provided entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to start selling online with little up-front investment.

Jisan Aftab is one such example, he is a student from a local university in Bangladesh who had an ambition to start his own business and Kaymu provided him with a platform to launch his very own virtual shop. As a student, he was able to pursue his dream of running his own business with little investment.

So if you want to set up your own business then online marketplace is an ideal platform for you where you can sell anything from electronics to art works to fashion items and much more and become a successful entrepreneur.